Sunday Football

Rob and Jackson were upstairs watching football...well not really watching so much. How sweet!!! Jackson was very, very comfortable. He loves laying on his Daddy (aka Heater).
We had our newborn session today which was quite fun. By fun I mean, naked baby without a diaper....you can IMAGINE what that was like. Had a couple episodes that interrupted the session and he wasn't sleeping heavily enough during the session to get through everything smoothly. I wish he would've lasted just a bit longer at the end to get some more mommy and Jackson shots but Rob will just have to do those for us. As of right now I have about 250 pics of Jackson and only ONE is of me and him. I'm realizing that I'm always the one taking the pictures.
Can't wait to see the newborn session pictures and I'll be sure to share. Back to hanging out with my boys on a Sunday at home.

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