Big Boy Jack is 1 YEAR OLD!

Can't believe a year ago I was holding my little baby in the hospital so completely unaware of how much my life would change and how much joy our little guy was going to bring into our lives.  Jackson has been such a blessing.  An "easy" baby as some would say.  He lights up a room with his smiles, giggles & antics.

On his birthday Jackson got an early morning phone call from Grampie complete with the Happy Birthday song! Then, he got to Skype with Grammie while he started his breakfast.  Next, he got some Skype time with DADDY!!!  Daddy is out in San Diego this week but went and bought a camera for his computer just so he could see the little man on his birthday.  Here are a few pics from the morning

After breakfast Jackson took a mini nap before we headed out to Lindsay Lyons Park to play with friends.  Jackson actually enjoyed the swings today and from the very beginning!!  He LOVES being outside and I think he would've just stayed in his stroller the whole time with the breeze in his hair if I would've let him!

some of Jackson's buddies playing 
relaxing in the swing 
 Jackson swinging with D
 even if he isn't walking...he still finds a way to KEEP UP!

Dear Jackson,
 I hope you had a GREAT birthday with Mommy!  I sure had fun hanging out with my ONE YEAR OLD!  We are going to have so much fun together this next year of your life!! I can't wait!  But no worries, even if you don't remember it...I'll be taking pictures!


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