Jackson- 18 Months

We are still taking month photos (now just at milestones) but as you can tell...its changed a bit.  Jackson is now 18months!!!  These pictures are from Take 1...Take 2 will happen when I have...the....energy!

Jackson at 18 Months you:
Weigh 28.5lbs (80th%)
- Stand 35" tall (>95th%)
- Eat what we eat...which is now vegetarian.  
- Drink mostly soy/almond milk but sometimes cow's whole milk
- Sit at the table with us in your booster seat. Still working on mastering spoons/forks...you'd rather use them as drum sticks or "throwing" objects.  And we give you a bowl/plate...and will continue to try until you stop DUMPING everything out of them!
- Wear 24m/2T clothes, Size 4 diapers(day) and 5(night)
- Favorite words: down, Holly, go, dude (now says 17 words...and LOADS of babbles!)
- Favorite signs: please, friends, airplane
- Have 12 teeth (including your molars...still waiting on those "I" teeth...they are coming in now)
- Throw lots and lots of tantrums.  When you are mad you stick your bottom in the air, and head and hands on the ground (you do a perfect, downward dog (yoga move))
- Love running (video to come soon) 
- LOVE to be outside and get VERY mad when we don't go out...you stand at the door and throw fits!
- Love to play "Ring Around the Rosie" especially the "We all fall DOWN" part
- Really enjoy watering the lawn and plants with Daddy.  You actually are really good at it! 
- Are a climber...boy are you a climber 
- Have a MUCH older girlfriend (one of the girls at the gym daycare). You actually are very attached to her, kiss her and hug her and reach for HER sometimes when I come to pick you up!  Its L-O-V-E
- Have a really good friend, Noah (our next door neighbor) who's house you run to anytime we are outside.  Its so fun watching you make friends!

Jackson, you are the joy that fills our day...and have quite the strong personality these days.  We loves you bunches and are looking forward to watching you grow more!

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