Operation Renovation

We are renovating our house...after back and forth (multiple times!!!) we have decided to stay in our home and MAKE it our dream home...well close to it anyway! :)

We will be redoing the flooring ALL of downstairs, new Master bedroom furniture and redesign (moving Rob's office into our Master...but in a fun, stylish, not TOO "officey" way), new kitchen backsplash, wall mounting both TVs, new living room sectional, re-tiling fireplace surround, and installing a sprinkler system.  Okay, PHEW that was exhausting just typing it all out.  We had a lot of this on our list before we put the house on the market last Fall, but now we're staying here...so lots of catching up to do!  I'm going to be keeping my blog updated with our progress.

Today I'll just show a VERY small project in the making for 2 years.  I FINALLY got my glass shelf in our bathroom. Don't ask me why it took so long, but it did...and now its done.  Simple, easy to do, happy its done.

Whatcha think?

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