Best Mommy Moment

Rob and I were tucking our favorite little guy into bed tonight, just like always.  I hold Jackson, hug and kiss him and then he goes to Daddy for the same before tucking himself into bed.

Tonight, he gave me a big hug and kiss and then said, "too, too" and was bending down/squirming while I was holding him.  I set him down since he was squirming all over and he quickly grabbed my baby belly and said "Lincoln (Wink-On) too" and gave a BIG smooch to my belly.

Totally unprompted or coaxed.

This might just be the happiest Mommy moment I have yet to have.  Took all I had not to bust into tears.

My sweet, sweet Jackson you are such a nurturing little guy. Lincoln is one VERY lucky guy to have YOU as his big brother.


Anonymous said...

Ok, That made me cry too! :-) xxxooo

Heather said...

awwww i love that!!! i bet he cannot wait to meet his little brother! :D