Jackson, You're 2!

Dear Jackson,

Mommy has been delaying writing this letter because it is a tough one to write.  I'm in denial that my little bitty baby is now a big TWO YEAR OLD!

You are one blessed little kid with so much love and friendship in your life.  Daddy and I are very excited about your future and all the great things you will do and all the hearts of people you will touch.  You are the love of our lives and each night after tucking you in we thank God for being able to be your parents another great day!

Right now, you are still a big kid, accordingly to the doctor.  You are:
37" (95th percentile)
31 lbs (80th pecentile)

You are still a relatively "easy" child.  You are now in a big boy bed, wearing size 2T/3T shirts, interested in exploring the idea of the potty, and are still the best sleeper on the block!!  You're favorite word is "no" even though most the time you say it somewhat politely :)  Here are some other fun facts about you right now:

- You go to school 9:30-2:30 on Tuesdays and Thursdays
- You take swim lessons once a week and you LOVE it
- You love to make animal noises and faces (pig, cow, monkey, dog, bird, chicken, duck, moose, shark, cat, horse)
- You're working on 2 word combos (wait turn is something you've learned recently).  You say a lot of words...tons actually, but have figured out that you get your point across without having to make multiple word statements :)
- You LOVE waffles!  and syrup
- You still love your fruits and veggies and your soy milk
- You are liking to "hold" us aka hug us and pat/rub our backs in your sweet moments
- You are OBSESSED with your Daddy and miss him when he is at "work".  
- You can count to 3, then you skip 4, say 5 sometimes 6, then 9 (your favorite number for some reason!)
- You are also very into coloring, painting and play-doh. You like to say "Wow" and "Did It" when you make something cool!

And I can't forget how much you LOVE your golf. You are pretty darn good too! I'm going to be taking some videos so you can see how your swing develops over the years :)

Keep growing, laughing and smiling Jackson.  The world is watching!  I hope there never goes a day in your life where you don't know how much we love you.  

Hugs and Kisses,
Mama and Daddy

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