Presents for the J-Man

For Jackson's birthday, like last year, we decided to ask for donations to Ronald McDonald House from birthday party goers instead of gifts for Jackson.  He has enough stuff, he is well cared for, and frankly other kids just need the stuff more than Jackson.

So this year, we collected toys, clothes and gift cards for their Santa Shop.  Here is a little info...how cool is this?!

Houston’s Ronald McDonald House provides families the opportunity to enjoy a 
wonderful Christmas with gifts while being away from home at no additional expense. 

  ◊ Our Community Room is transformed into a Santa Store filled with wonderful new 
       gifts and goodies for all ages.  Volunteers set up the Santa Store and arrange          
       gifts in sections by gender and age for easy shopping.  Santa Store opens two 
       weeks before Christmas and is staffed with smiling Volunteers ready to assist 
       and provide gift-wrapping. 

  ◊ Parents are able to visit the Santa Store to select gifts for their Children. 
  ◊ Children visit the Santa Store with a Volunteer escort to help select the perfect 
      gift for their parents and siblings.  

A boy is still a boy, so family members still get Jackson gifts and here are some pics of this year's gifts our big 2 year old got. He also got quite a bit of money from family members out of town...in the piggy bank for now until we think of something he needs/wants.

Cars suitcase..so cool! Full of lots of goodies from Grammie & Grampie

Lawnmower since he is OBSESSED with mowing !

practicing how to use his suitcase

Train table and train set from Mama & Daddy

our little train conductor

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