4 Months and Happy Valentine's Day

We had Jackson's 4 month check up on Friday (just 1 day shy of his 4 month Birthday)
He is moving around soooo much so we didn't get a "no lean" picture this month but what do you expect!? That's a 17lb frame to hold up!

Weight: 17lbs, 2 oz  (90th percentile)
Height: 27.5" (95th percentile)
Head Circ.: 17.25" (90th percentile)
**what is very interesting is these stats are almost IDENTICAL to that of his Uncle Brian (who is 6'6") Brian was 27.25" tall and 7oz heavier**

Daddy was able to make it to the Dr. Appt right before shots were administered.  I was anxious as always. Daddy had him giggling up a storm..VERY loud squeals and belly laughs. Then, dum dum dum......NURSE walks in with 4 shots.  Jackson just looked at her lovingly as he was getting attention.  Shot 1, no reaction; Shot 2, still nothing; Shot 3. thinking for sure we'd have a squawk at this point, NOTHING; Shot 4, not a THING!  Our big boy could've cared less.  Kept waiting for it, but the cry just didn't come!! What a trooper...we make 'em tough around here.  As Rob would say, "He's rough and tumble"

At Four Months:
-LOVE rolling from your back to belly! even if you hate your belly, the second we turn you on your back, you flip right back
-wearing some size 6 months, mostly 6-9 and 9 month clothes (have to buy things to fit your length AND to fit over your head!!)
-WILL NOT take a pacifier
-Sleep from 6:30/7PM to 7/8AM
-Love your teething toys, mom's knuckle, bib, burpcloth (ok anything you can insert in mouth)
-Really enjoy diaper changing time. Lots of giggles!
-Love being "tossed" in air by Daddy- that'll always get a laugh
-Love "dancing" on mommy's lap- that'll always get a laugh
-Enjoy playing in Exersaucer and getting reactions from Mommy
-Talking a LOT, and new sounds everyday...and LOUDER. Love making the sound for R in Spanish...hilarious, girgles, hmmmmmmmmm's
-Eat 4 8oz bottles per day and 2 Rice Cereal Meals
-Nap Schedule down:  9-11AM or 11:30; 1-3PM or 3:30; catnap around 5  (You have the most advanced internal clock of any baby I've ever known---THANK YOU GOD!)
-Wearing size 2-3 Diapers
-Like sitting up with little assistance (thats alot for your 17lb frame!)

He was a giggle monster this morning

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Kate said...

He is so darn cute!

I loved meeting you last night and look forward to getting to know you.