On the Move!

Our little guy is on the move!  He is rolling over like crazy.  The second you put him on his back he rolls right over to his belly.  In less than 3 seconds...we've counted!!  He still hasn't mastered getting back to his back once he is on his belly so there are quite a few temper tantrums throughout the day.
Jackson loves Dr. Suell because he ok'd him to eat not only rice but some baby food!!  So far Jackson loves applesauce, sweet potatoes, & bananas.  I've been making homemade baby food and it is a lot of fun.  Its great to know exactly what he's eating and to know I prepared it for him.  I made a batch of peach puree for him which he has yet to try.  That'll be on the menu for next week as well as him trying out butternut squash.  We really have been blessed with such a great eater!  He loves sitting in his high chair and "telling" you how much fun he is having. 
He makes a lot of new sounds, squeals and grunts these days.  He sure is a lot of fun to listen to.  He is quite emphatic about whatever it is he is saying!  He is also learning how to squirm...moving from one end to the other in his crib on his belly. Its his take of the crawl for 4 month olds.  The spitting up was out of control the last 2 weeks.  15 burp cloths a day (NO EXAGGERATION, we counted!).  But it looks like the last 2 days (fingers crossed) it has gotten a lot better.  I'm hoping the solid foods are helping with this.  He also has been giggling at pretty much anything lately.  You just look at him and he'll start laughing. However, if you tickle his ribs its a sure fire way of getting full blown belly laughs that will go on and on.  So much fun (sometimes I wonder if Rob and I enjoy even more than he does!)

We are loving the adventures of Jackson Wayne and seeing how much fun he is having discovering new things.  Truly understanding the lyrics now to "Don't Blink".  This time has flown by so we're holding on to every second!

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