11 Weeks with Baby #2

I'm stealing this format from a friend, but am going to try to take pictures with this pregnancy at the same stages as I did with Jackson for comparison and keep all my long distance friends up to date.

Carrying Jackson
Carrying Baby #2

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 11 Weeks
Size of baby: Baby Davis is the size of a lime apparently
Total Weight Gain/Loss: 1-2 pounds
Maternity Clothes: Regular pants & clothes
Gender: ???
Movement: Felt a flutter or too last night.  Apparently you can recognize the movement earlier in 2nd pregnancies.
Sleep:  No issues...yet
What I miss: Feeling good. 
Cravings: Salad, crunchy food, spicy food...and last night it was Donuts!
Symptoms: the all day sickness
Best Moment this week:  having a couple days not feeling terrible and seeing some good signs that Jackson is going to be an amazing big brother! He is really, really affectionate right now and I hope it stays that way. When you ask him where the baby is, he points to my belly.

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