O is for Organization

I'm "trying" to organize something each week as I know Baby Lincoln will be here before we know it!  I'm also redoing the play room (new curtains, pillows, wall decor) to make it more KID friendly as before it was a room we showcased our golf art work collection and memorabilia.

1st new thing we added to the space is Jackson's new artwork he did today at a fun Mommy and Me Finger painting/Brush Painting class.  I am excited because one of the fabrics I have for the room has elephants on it! Perfect!!

By the end of our class today we were both covered in paint but here is the finished project:

I also decided to "label" Jackson's toy bins to help him learn how to put his toys away.  He is learning some new skills and I thought this would be a good one to add to the list and will be on our chore sticker chart when he is ready.  So far they are working great and he can help me in putting away his toys now :)


Kristi Burleigh said...

I love the bins! Where did you get those?

Ellie Davis said...

Its an IKEA system. My friend had it and it was by far the best system I could find for the price! Plus they have so many ways you can configure them (they have taller units etc)