Summer Fun! H is for "Houston" and "Hot"

We've been so busy since we got back from our vacation. Go, go, go- as Jackson says!

This past week we had a fun time with Holden & Liz, some of our favorite friends.  We decided to forego our normal park playdates and head for some A/C instead.  We headed over to Jumpalooza and the boys bounced to their hearts' content.  Then we grabbed some yummy lunch at Panera.  Here are some pics, courtesy of Liz, of our adventures.

Friday night we were able to meet up with our great friend Greg, who unfortunately is MILES away from his wife and 4 boys right now :(  .  Jackson kept him entertained and it was so great to see him.  Can't wait until my Fav Tyson gets back in town with all her boys.

Saturday we had some sprinkler fun with our neighbors Noah, Sarah and Stephen.  Noah and Jackson are great buds and have a blast together. Here are some pics to prove it.  It was a HOT one...so we cut it short and came in for a crab cake dinner and brownies for dessert!!

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Tys said...

I told you I was backlogged on reading... still catching up... awwww... thanks again for meeting up with Greg this Summer! Man, was I ever happy to finally get home!