8 Months Old

At 8 Months Old, Jackson:
- You weigh 22lbs 0 oz.
- You are crawling EVERYWHERE
- You are pulling up things and finding LOTS of new cool things around the house you didn't notice before.
- Are still a great sleeper
- You love paper!!  you found mommy's tissue paper stash and love attacking my grocery list
- Wear Size 4 Diapers.  Its not that your too chubby buddy but size 3 weren't long enough for your tall frame.  Don't want to give you a complex.
- You enjoy the new world of finger foods amd very good at it
- Enjoy drinking waterout of your sippy cup
- You flirt flirt flirt! You love smiling at people and showing off.
- Still love swimming (well trying to drink the water anyway)
- Figured out your crib is also a great place to play, not just sleep
- You say Mama when you want me to come get you. Says Dada a lot when you are playing
- You are quite the squealer amd talker now,  You put a lot of different sounds together now but we still don't understand exactly what you're telling us.

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super cute post Ellie!