Big Boy Bath

Jackson is eating more "big people" food now and enjoying self-feeding.  Tonight he had a banana just mashed (bye bye purees) and some pasta.  For his veggies he is still getting some purees but we are moving to finger foods and just gently mashed foods that we can.  He would MUCH rather eat finger food than us feed him with a spoon right now.  The point of that was to say that he now gets messy eating and eats with no clothes on (when we are @ home).  Makes clean up a breeze!!!

So...what do big boys do after a messy dinner??  Take a bath in the BIG BOY tub!!!  Tonight was his first night in the big boy tub.  We kept using the other baby tub to keep him confined but he really outgrew it.  Man did he enjoy having all that room and trying to climb out!  Excuse the MANY pictures below....we had to document the evening's events!!!

Bye bye Daddy Rob...we'll miss you this week!!

I love the look in Jackson's eyes in this pic. The way he is looking at Rob....so precious and melts my heart!!!


ourbabymakesfour said...

What wonderful pics. He's so sweet.

Ellie said...

Thanks Jen.

Natalie said...

What a little ham! Look at all those smiles!