The Healthy Davis Family...well except for those YUMMY Cookies

You may not all know but Rob is now QUITE the runner.  Any and every chance he gets he is out running and training for The Austin Half Marathon.
We are very proud of him and his dedication.  He has gotten into such great shape and is adding years to his life to be with me & Jack.  A gift I just can't express how much I appreciate.  He's rubbed off on me (well not the running part but being more health conscious), but after being down and out for 7 months and not being able to work out...I've been released and have been back to the gym.  In 10 days I've gone 7 times..AND.. I'm finally back to being the little wannabe chef and cooking healthier meals for myself and family.

We did have a moment of weakness the other night where I made so OH SO yummy Peanut Butter Cookies, but other than that so far so good.  I'm not the best baker but I can handle these cookies..and they were yummy but WAY too tempting to not eat the entire batch in one sitting!!

I hope you enjoy the recipes I'm sharing lately and you try them with your family.  It is sometimes difficult to fit it all in but I'd much rather struggle and cut it close on time than have J eat all his meals from boxed/canned goods.

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