Official 15 Month Post

At 15 Months, Jackson you:
-Weigh 27lbs, 1 oz (80th%)
-Stand 33 1/4" tall (95th%)
-Have HC of 19 1/4" (90th%)
-Eat what we eat and drink about 15-18oz of whole milk per day
-Wear 25month clothes, Size 4 diapers(day) and 5(night)
-Learn a new word or two every week! Your favorite word this week is "Go" and your favorite sign this week is "Airplane"
-Have 6 teeth (including top molars) and 2 more bottom molars are cutting through RIGHT now.  Still only 2 teeth in the bottom front!!
-Love to grunt when you don't get your way!
-Mastered walking and starting to run

You are becoming lots of fun to watch as you explore the world around you.  Everything is so new and fun for you..things Mommy & Daddy see as safety hazards!!  Your hugs and kisses are what makes our every day! 

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