Understanding our Toddler...As Best as Possible

Jackson is a pretty mild mannered kiddo, but he is definitely testing us first time parents with this whole toddler thing.  We are trying to decide what discipline/redirecting/structure method we want to use.  We're reading the following books so that we can see what works for the Davis family so that we can have as many happy, cheesy smile moments as possible like below.  

Any good toddler books you recommend?  I really just want to learn what to expect, what to nurture in his development and learn how not to SCREAM at him all day (ok, I don't do this but I have my moments!)


Tys said...

I've never found one book to ever help me past 18 mths. At this point it's still redirect, distraction, preparation, and just dealing with things as they arise.

I love the idea of Happiest Toddler, but it certainly was NOT meshing with Jake at all (it frustrated us both worse). However, I just now (while typing this) realize it could be good for Evan though!

I've also heard of 123 Magic but that might be more geared towards older toddlers and kids.

I think you're doing great Ellie!!!

ourbabymakesfour said...

I've read SOOOO many books. LOL. Happiest Toddler on the Block, 1-2-3 magic, Touchpoints, The Baby Book, Raising the Spirited Child, No More Mishbehavin, How to Talk so your Child will Listen, and The Science of Parenting.

MY ABSOLUTE go to book is The Science of Parenting. Chris even likes it. Lol. Our second (and main discipline technique) is 1-2-3 Magic which I highly recommend. Easy time out system. I'd be happy to lend you both for a week just to see if you like them and want to buy them.

Whatever you choose, most books say distraction up until 2yrs and then you can start time outs. That's what we did.

Good luck!

Liz said...

I am reading Happiest Toddler now. I will let you know how it works. I do like the idea of identifying your toddler's feelings instead of shushing them or just telling them "it's okay". I think that's pretty cool.
I am definitely more reactive with Holden than proactive when it comes to fits and meltdowns though. Ha!
We DO need to get together soon!