Help! Need your Suggestions!

Going to spray paint our rattan chair on our back patio, SOON hopefully.  The Texas sun has really gotten to the stain.  Our umbrella for our table is bright yellow. The patio is a flagstone pattern in a beige stone color and bright border.

So I need your opinion folks:  What color should we do? 
We also have a matching side table that has a glass top that we will also be painting. Should we do the side table in the same color? different?


Porch Yellow

Cool Aqua
Utah Sky


Heather said...

HA! When I saw it I said turquoise! So, I pick cool aqua!!

And, missy, are you painting the chair?? Better wear a mask ;)

Ellie Davis said...

No worries. I'll make Rob or Grampie do it. I'm just going to bark the orders and pick out the color :)

Tys said...

Hmmmm.... I have to think on this... ;)

Sarah G. said...

I love the vermillion, but I'm no color expert.

Kate said...

I vote for the green...or the red...or the aqua. :)

Liz said...

Utah Sky!!