1st Day of Children's Day Out

Jackson is now officially a BIG BOY! He started Children's Day Out today which he'll be attending every Tuesday & Thursday from 9:30AM-2:30PM.  He had a great 1st day according to his teachers, stating on our report home that he was very "Happy & Friendly".   

Apologies in advance for ALL the pictures but I could not help myself.  So here we go (and sorry for the out of order, the blog and I are not getting along today!):

Waffles & Cantaloupe for breakfast

Bag & Napmat ready

His "Texas" sandwich I made him and his fruit and soy milk

carrying his gear around for practice!

Our little boy ready for school!

Mommy loving on J man

How did he grow so fast?!
receiving good luck hugs from Daddy

playing with choo choo
his coloring of the day
his painting of the day 
sweet poem from his awesome teachers
After Daddy got his shoes all ready!
and a good luck kiss from Mommy 


Heather said...

So cute! It is crazy how fast they grow, huh? Glad he had a great week! YAY Jackson!

Jason says hi, too!!

Jessie said...

He is so grown up!