Fruits & Veggies

We have a pretty healthy eater on our hands but somehow, in the last few months we've realized our little boy is lacking in the veggie department...even for being mostly vegetarian!  He loves his fruit and would eat it all day if you let him.  Our new finicky eater is giving us a challenge.  Super Mommy & Super Daddy to the rescue

(cue the superhero music please!)

Sneak attack of the carrots in the applesauce.

Ok, ok,  not so sneaky to most, but this kid LOVES applesauce so we took advantage of his weakness! Cut up cooked carrots mixed in...it worked with LESS obvious quinoa before..maybe he won't notice the BRIGHT orange chunks in his sauce, right?!


Guess I need to make another batch of homemade appleasauce REAL soon so we can keep up with this trend. What veggies should I try on my next attempt "mission"?

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Heather said...

Sweet potatoes :) Same color and yummy!