Bulk Cooking

Its been a busy week of bulk cooking....here is the tally thus far:

5 side dishes of "healthier" mac n cheese
4 batches of Tomato & Basil Soup
4 batches of Chicken Tetrazzinni (minus the chicken)
4 batches of Pasta Con Broccoli

Next up is Spinach Cannelloni. Think I'll wait until next week..I'm a little cooked out!

When you cook in bulk you've always got lots of dishes to clean...see exhibit A for my drying rack from just today's cooking:

Here is a look at our outside freezer right now with the main dishes & some yummy Morningstar soy nuggets I got on sale:

and handy dandy label maker to easily label, date and apply cooking instructions on my goodies:

Below is the recipe below, for Pasta Con Broccoli. I use milk (and less than it calls for) instead of cream and we leave out the mushrooms.  If I'm going to freeze it like I did today, I do not reduce down the liquid as it states. It'll soak up some of the liquid when its freezing and re-heating.


Alison said...

You know what's awesome? I recognize the font from the ABOB cookbook. And, the recipe is from the Alton Pasta House, no less. Fantastic!

Ellie Davis said...

Yep! My mom copied that out for me from the cookbook as its a favorite! Oh how I miss Pasta House!