Lima Beans..who knew!

Jackson used to be REALLY good about eating lots of veggies but became quite picky lately out of the blue.  He gets plenty of fruit in his diet..plenty! So today for lunch we tried lima beans...and...he stuffed him in his mouth with great gusto!

What veggies do you give your kids or disguise in their food? ideas welcome!  We are working on the green smoothie (adding spinach to fruit smoothie).  He doesn't love the consistency of a smoothie yet...but we'll keep trying!


Sarah G. said...

If I'm feeling the pressure to get more veggies into L, one thing I do is puree raw veggie(s) with egg in a blender and make a scrambled egg or an omelet. (Now I know where "green eggs and ham" came from!) Great veggies to use are zucchini, squash, green beans, arugula/spinach, and slightly steamed broccoli. Also, I call broccoli "little trees" which makes her LOVE to eat it.

Ellie Davis said...

I use the same "little trees" trick too! Sometimes it works!

Thanks for the omelet info. never thought of that..DUH! I do have to make him eggs a few times a week bc he doesn't have dairy and still needs the extra fat/cholesterol etc. GREAT IDEA!!