How Mommy gets ready in the morning

Sometimes as Mommies we have to find a way to keep our kiddo(s) out of trouble so we can get ready. Which for me getting ready these days just includes: deodorant (obviously I showered but probably the night before), moisturizer, brush teeth/hair, pull hair in ponytail or put on a hat, and get dressed.

Jackson likes to pretend to "work" like Daddy.  My new quick trick: Sesame Street Online.  I go to toddler videos and it plays a few 2-3 minute clips back to back and BINGO Mommy is able to go out in public without TOO much embarrassment.  At least he is learning his ABC's and 123's right?!?!

love this BIG BOY!


Kate said...

Holy cow, he looks just like Rob in that last picture.

Ellie Davis said...

that's about right, with the sly look on his face like he's up to something :)