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We started off the day with Jackson sleeping in until 8:45!  While that was appreciated and so nice to do for Mommy on Valentine's Day...we needed to leave the house this am by 9:20 to get to the gym!  So rush rush rush...but again, thanks Jackson!

Then before we left our friends Tyson, Jake & Ethan dropped by to give Jackson a valentine they made these cute bird seed hearts! Jake came to the door and Jackson really enjoyed seeing him!

Then we went to the gym where Mommy did a very hard yoga class and had a great rest of the day just relaxing at home.

Here are the gifts we exchanged:

What I gave to Rob (stitched it to look like note paper) and then embroidered the message.

workout shirt to me from Rob

Jackson's loot

Chocolate for me from Rob

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Tys said...

That's cute Ellie, I've been seeing that embroidery around! Neat idea!

Thanks for letting us stop by in the morning!! Jackson was so smiley & darling! Hope we didn't make you too late!