Tofu Who?

Rob has been quite an inspiration around here!  Did I mention how proud of him I am!   I can't wait to start "training" with him and learning how to run!  We are going to ease into it and do it right so that I don't get injured and TOO sore.  I'm ready for this ice to go away (oh AND for Rob to get back in town) so that we can get back outside.  Plus we get some real use out of our jogging stroller.
We are also contemplating a Vegetarian or Vegan diet.  Ok, STOP right there...don't be too shocked or think we are going to become "THOSE" people.  

After watching yet another few Vegan/Vegetarians on Oprah this week I'm ready to take the plunge to some degree.  I think (like they mentioned and even suggested) becoming Vegan-ish or Vegetarian-ish...I'll explain more later and share in our journey as we go.  I haven't eaten any meat since Wednesday when I saw the show..2 days...I know...crazy huh!

If anyone reading my blog has tried this, has recipes, books etc please recommend!! We may just start with having meat only 1-2 days per week.  Below is where I'm gonna start my reading/research/gathering recipes.

The Veganist , One of Michael Pollan's BooksMama VeggieMy Fav. NY Housewife's Veg. Recipes

PS...who's reading my blog these days??


Tys said...

I'm so envious! I'd love to do less meat and lots more veggies... but Greg absolutely refuses :(

Jessie said...

I still read your blog! :) I am pretty much a vegetarian right now....meat hasn't sounded good to me since I found out I was pregnant. I maybe have some sort of meat once per week, and that is actually normally seafood. Kyle is all about meat though :) Let me know how it goes!

Sarah said...
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Sarah said...

I read your blog sometimes, still :)

The only luck I had feeding my husband meat-less recipes were recipes from a cookbook I found at Half Price Books on a fluke. Sundays at Moosewood Restaurant. I'd be happy to share a favorite recipe or two, if you'd like to try something before committing.

Here's a link to some recipes on their web site, none of which I've tried (but now I'm inspired!)

Here's what I'll be buying next, now that you made me think about it. And here is a low-fat version of their amazing stuff.

Let me know what you think. Good luck!

Ellie Davis said...

thanks Sarah, Def. send me any good recipes you find! I'll be posting recipes as we try them. Actually making our own granola bars today (in the oven now). Something I've been meaning to do for a LONG time!