Good Morning from Jackson

I didn't catch all his talking on camera...very disappointed.  I woke up to lots of talking this morning (no crying these days when he wakes up) through the monitor.  I listened to him a bit while I laid in bed and decided to go see what he was up to.  Of course the second I got there he stopped talking! But thought I'd share our morning greeting. 

He has started to sleep in the corner of the crib.  I put him down on his back on one end and by the time I get back downstairs he is in the corner of the crib on his belly (and he wedges himself ALL the way in the corner, kind of scares me a big!)  Then in the morning he rolls back over, plays a bit and then I go get him.  He is so predictable!  Love watching this little guy grow!  OH, and pardon the white noise in the background...that's what my little man sleeps to!

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