Mommy's Favorite Things

To please all those that follow the blog and suggested this, here are a few of Mommy's Favorite Things:

1. Looks bad that I'm putting this at the #1 spot but it's the truth!  Can't find other wine (keep trying) that I like as much as this one:  Ravenswood Zinfandel Vintner's Blend

2. Now that I'm back to working out a lot more and watching my diet more strictly, I like to follow up dinner with a VERY little sweet treat.  It helps me from wanting a big bowl of icecream, so instead I have 1 and its only 20 Calories!! Dark Chocolate Hershey Kiss!! If its a bad day I may splurge on 2 or 3 and still under 100 Calories!!!

3. I love cooking and finding new recipes.  It's one of my favorite things to do these days.  The kitchen seems to be where I am when Jackson is sleeping.  Between cooking his food, making make ahead/freeze meals, making homemade dressings/sauces, and making up my own new dishes etc I keep the dirty dishes coming!
4.  I love taking pictures with my Canon camera. I have a couple different lenses now and love trying out new things. I haven't had the time yet to read the book Rob got me so I can take my photography to the next level but I will do it before Jackson turns 1...that's my goal anyways
5. Books.  Jackson has gotten in the way of these lately, but I do love to read when I have the time.  I like crime thrillers, funny girly books (don't know how else to describe them), or sappy Nicholas Sparks books.

6. Deals, deals and more deals. I'm a coupon diva and super shopper when it comes to grocery shopping. Sometimes I'm a little obsessed but I feel so good when I save $75 on ONE grocery bill. I have my secrets and tips and tricks and it takes a lot of work but its worth it and it makes me feel SOOOOOOOOOOO good. Such a high!!

7. Sewing & Crafting, hence my new little business.  I love making things whether that is my rosettes, working on the scrapbooks, making baby gifts, just being CRAFTY

8.  My family.  If I have none of the above, just being with my family is a very good thing. Probably should be listed as #1 above the wine, but these are in no particular order.  


Mary said...

ooh what are those tips and tricks for coupons?? i could afford to save $75 on my groceries!! :)

Ellie Davis said...

shoot me an email and I can send you the links and the books that I used and such: ellie.mcmurray@gmail.com

ourbabymakesfour said...

what a great post!