Jackson is 5 Months Old!!!

Jackson is 5 months old today! How time flies!!!

At 5 Months Old Jackson:
- You weigh 18 lbs, 4 oz
- Love rolling over, now both ways, but prefer being on your tummy. 
- Now roll over and sleep on your belly
- Wearing 6-9 and 9 month clothes
- Still sleep from 6:30/7PM to 7/8AM
- Still love your teething toys, mom's knuckle, bib, burpcloth (ok anything you can insert in mouth)
- Wearing Size 3 Diapers
- LOVE standing (with assistance of course).  If you are fussy, just standing you up on our lap will get a BIG grin
- Love Mommy's hair and when it tickles your face
- Babbling now and trying to mimic some sounds
- Like to try to copy the faces we make
- Eat four 8oz bottles per day and 2 Rice Cereal Meals
- Eating some baby food now, homemade by Mommy:  Sweet Potato, Apples, Bananas, Green Beans, Peaches, & Peas
- Same nap schedule you had at 4 months
- Loves trying to sit up.  You haven't mastered it yet but trying REALLY hard
- Hang out in the exersaucer for long periods of time
- Very ticklish: ribs, armpits, just under your chin
- Really like mealtime and open your mouth and make sounds the second we put you in the highchair

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Tys said...

awwww! He's adorable and you're a great mama!