Some Cute Pics of Jackson

Lots, lots, lots, lots to do so not a lot of time to type much. Here are some newer pics of Jackson.  He is really enjoying sitting up and playing like a big boy. Obviously some tumbles now and then but he doesn't even seem to be bothered by them.  Such a rough and tumble little boy!

Jackson with his toy from Grammie & Grampie

Trying to eat his friend


LOVES this toy. He already removes a couple rings by himself...just gotta teach how to stack them back!

Getting ready to stick it in his mouth

Boiler up! Dressed up for his Purdue basketball game watching last week

Cutest little Purdue fan

Having fun standing on Mommy's lap

Playing with Mommy

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Kate said...

He's sitting up???!!! Good grief, what a show-off!