Too Cool

Jackson has now decided to upgrade his cuteness to a WHOLE new level!  He was caught rocking his new shades this weekend.  He didn't have the best weekend between terrible napping, teething, and snotty nose, but you wouldn't know it by these pictures.  He was out in the garage watching Daddy clean the car and golf clubs and couldn't be happier, I mean cooler.  He is just growing up so fast!! 20 weeks tomorrow

Now that Jackson and I are in a Mommy & Me group we have dates to look forward to and finally a fuller calendar.  And for all that know me well, a busy calendar makes for a happy Ellie.  I love having to look at my calendar for the next day and actually see something on it again!!!  I do, however, enjoy some lazy days at home with Jackson just the two of us...well three of us if you count Holly...well four of us if you count Daddy's escapes from the office throughout the day :)

Last night was also a special event in the Davis Household. Jackson got to try Great Grandma's Green Beans for the first time.  Great Grandma Lois passed away September 2008.  We found out February 2009 that Jackson would be coming that year so we made sure to hold on to some of the green beans that she canned from her garden before her passing. 
Jackson absolutely LOVED the green beans and it was great that he had a little part of her.  She LOVED her garden and loved canning and sharing all her wonderful veggies.  I know she was with us last night watching.  (Love you Grandma, miss you!)


Kate said...

That is so sweet about the green beans. Very, very special.

I hope Jackson's new coolness doesn't make him become a playa. I would hate for him to break Emy's heart. :)

ourbabymakesfour said...

very sweet about the green beans!!!!!!

Wayne said...

I just saw this. This was special and I am sure Mom would have loved Jackson.

Thank You, Dad