YAY for Sewing Space!!

I finally got the time and energy and got my sewing space in order.  Not a sewing room, but have my little space now in the guest room to do my crafts and sewing projects.  Now that its organized I get more done and have been inspired to make some new creations.  Finally have some new designs for my business and will be selling a lot of new things on Etsy soon. I only have 2 things posted (sad..).  But its been hectic with taking orders solely through my website and my mom (since all her friends have been ordering them like crazy from me the last month and a half).  Etsy is easier to organize and keep straight and can reach more people!
Next on the list to do is to make some more samples, take the pics (need models mamas & baby girls!) and get them posted to Etsy.  I've been waiting until I can post a bunch of stuff at one time. Will spread the word when its all up on my Etsy shop and also what stuff I need modeled shortly if there are any volunteers??!!!

My sewing space, almost complete

All my fabrics for my Rosettes

Who knew thread could be so pretty on display :)

can't wait to FINALLY have my dining room curtains done (but here's the fabric!)

and the giraffe fabric pillows...that will be made SOMEDAY

some rosettes..ready to be made into brooches, barrettes, headbands

Rosette Brooch

Jack's new onesie (denim star) I made for him today

Jackson's new Camo "J' onesie

Jackson's new cowboy bear friend hanging out with me :)  (Thanks Nicole)

Flower Brooch

Me sportin' one of my barrettes

Fun lace & fabric rosette with crystal button

LOVE my new barette/clip hanger I made

one of my new projects...baby/toddler barettes...too bad I didn't have a girl, huh? Almost all the stuff I make is girlie.  Good thing I have Etsy to sell some and lots of friends with girls!!!


Kate said...

AWE.SOME. I can't wait to see it! Your new stuff is perfection. What a clever girl you are. You know I will always have a model waiting just for you. :)

Ellie Davis said...

Can't wait to show it all off. I'm having so much fun making new stuff and being creative! Can't wait to use Emy as a model!!

Tys said...

Wow! Great job Ellie! I didn't know you were so creative! Fun! So are you and Kate coming over to help me learn to do all this neat stuff??? ;)

Ellie Davis said...

Tyson the onesies are super easy and fun! You could of course do this on t-shirts for the boys! much cheaper! Promise, real easy! We could knock out that tutorial in just a few minutes :)

Liz said...

So I'm thinking that you need to start making burp cloths to sell on Etsy. You would make some bucks! They are so cute! And I love everything else you've done too! Maybe I can put in an order? Ha!

Ellie Davis said...

thanks Liz. I know I should sell the burpcloths...I keep making them and giving to friends instead so haven't actually posted any :)

ourbabymakesfour said...

Great job Ellie... you are super creative!!!!!!!!